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First I will explain what contextual advertising is. Contextual advertising means the advertising of products on a website according to
the content the page is displaying. For example if the content of a website was information on a Ford truck then the advertisements

Quality Assurance System

It seems though that some of the biggest problems with the internet advertising trends are the lack of

Accurate Testing Processes

Where do you register your complaints? How can you protest in any form against companies whose

Infrastructure Integration Technology

So in final analysis: it’s true, I hate peeping Toms, but if I had to choose, I’d take one any day over an

Our Mission

Now, I’m not like Robin, that weirdo from my cultural anthropology class; I think that advertising is something that has its place in our society; which for better or worse is structured along a marketplace economy. But, simply because I feel advertising has a right to exist, doesn’t mean that I like or agree with it, in its

Our Vision

Where do you register your complaints? How can you protest in any form against companies whose advertising techniques you don’t agree with? You don’t. And on another point of difference between traditional products and their advertising and those of the internet nature, simply ignoring internet advertising is

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Posters had been a very beneficial marketing tool because it had paved to deliver an effective message that conveyed customer’s

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